Materials for aerospace and defence


Sky is not the limit – the metal guide to the galaxy!

Since 1962, BIKAR has focused on aluminium, titanium, steel, plastics and much more metals.
Professional customer service, short delivery times and favourable conditions make BIKAR a long-standing partner to numerous entities within the aerospace, automotive, machine, tooling, moulding and other industries.

Our passion for materials is reflected in the quality of our products.


Heavyweight: 60.000 tonnes storage capacity
With a storage capacity of over 60.000 tonnes, BIKAR is one of the world‘s leading suppliers of non-ferrous metals.

True size: Super formats up to 6.000 x 2.500 mm
With more than 65.000 items available, our product variety is truly extensive. We can handle cuttings with dimensions up to 1.100 mm x 2.500 mm x 6.000 mm / 43″ x 99″ x 236″.

Attention to detail:
With a product area of more than 120.000 m², we can tailor all storage articles according to your individual requirements. In order to manage your processes as efficiently as possible, we employ the latest cutting technology with the tightest tolerances.

Certified quality:
We are long-time holders of both EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001. Since 2016, we have been certified according to EN 9120 by the independent and renowned DEKRA examining organization.

AIRBUS approved:
Since 2019 BIKAR is listed as an approved aerospace supplier for Airbus.

Green thumbs:
Sustainable management has been firmly anchored within our corporate ethos for many generations. By using our resources as carefully as possible and achieving a recycling rate of almost 100%, we are actively protecting the environment for future generations.